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About The Founder

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I know I should try and impress you with my knowledge and achievements of the industry I’m representing, but I have to be honest and just say that I never would of guessed I’d find a passion in the jewelry industry. That being said, I thought I would introduce myself to give some back-story.
My name is Alex Mootz. I am the youngest of 9 kids. I will explain that in a blog down the road. I served approx. 6 years in The United States Military, originally as an Infantryman, and then as a Helicopter Door Gunner for a Unit right here in Madison, Wisconsin. Still wondering why the – you should buy a diamond from me? After the Military, I finished up the rest of my college career in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The day after I graduated, I started working for a family-friend as a jewelry salesman. I was learning about gemstones, metal types, and alloys… but most fascinating to me was the interpersonal workings within the business.
I thought it was cool getting to meet all of these couples with unique relationships quirks and ways they expressed “I love you”… Which is when it hit me. I realized this industry has something special to offer the people that work inside of it. I wanted to not only help people find the perfect symbol for the promise they’re about to make to each other for the rest of their lives, but help them pull it off as well. The more I worked in the industry, the more I realized the problem with proposals. It is scary as all hell to propose these days because the process of buying an engagement ring is practically impossible to do without that special someone there, which takes away any element of surprise right off the bat.
It is understandable because we are talking about diamonds! Not to mention the options these days are endless. The ring has to be perfect in design and size, and that is a big risk to take alone. I can understand why it makes most sense to pick out a ring with the person wearing it. But what a lot of people forget is that they have options. I wanted to give one of those options, and make it an affordable but badass alternative option to diamond shopping and proposing. I didn’t start 143Diamonds to sell the perfect ring; I’m here to sell damn good diamonds.
I’m one of those people who will get something stuck in their head and won’t stop fixating over it until I’ve reached the other side of whatever predicament it is. Why are couples purchasing over 70% of engagement rings together? For years I watched it happen over and over and over again. I have helped couples choose rings together. I have helped women choose a ring while her man stood back, uninvolved, waiting patiently to offer his wallet. I’ve seen it all.
Is this just the way we (as a generation) want it? It sure doesn’t seem like it. I completely understand why this problem exists, and with a lack of great solutions on the market, is how 143Diamonds came to be. It seems like the whole thing has gotten so complicated, we all forgot about the coolest part: a proposal is supposed to be a jaw-dropping surprise. I’ve done polls, surveys, interviewed countless people, and I can say that after two years of research and planning, many people prefer “the big gesture” to be a surprise- and there is hope for the surprise proposal after all.
I’ll tell you all about the patented ring, the patented box, and how the Gentoo Proposal works in another blog. I’ll also tell you how I connected manufacturers from all over the world to be able to make 143Diamonds possible. 
- Alex 
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