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Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring Is Ruining The Proposal Process

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First comes love… then comes marriage… then comes the baby in the baby carriage! We all know how the silly rhyme goes, but there is something missing. ..First comes love… Then comes marr… wait, there it is, the proposal.

There are all kinds of ways to have a wedding. Some choose to get married with their toes in the sand on the beaches of Hawaii, while others before a judge at city hall. There are countless ways to propose now-a-days too.

But planning a surprise proposal is pretty impossible to do these days. The pressures of choosing the perfect engagement ring are real. The fear of taking a nosedive on the style of ring is why most couples go ring shopping together. Proposals are tricky, and we understand why one might consider ring shopping with their significant other. But before you do, consider 143Diamond's Gentoo Proposals where we have everything you need to plan the proposal of epic proportions, keep it a surprise, and with a diamond in hand. 

We are not opposed to the method of buying the engagement ring as a couple, and have a few reasons why we feel people are choosing this route: 1 It is a big chunk of cheddah 2 The ring market is ginormous 3 It is overwhelming what one person must understand about another person in order to purchase an engagement ring for them.

According to Jeweler and 143Diamonds Founder Alex Mootz, here are the things you will need to know before purchasing an engagement ring:

|1|  Metal Color?   
White, Yellow and Rose are a few of the most popular.
|2|  Metal Quality?     
Silver, 10k, 14k, 18k, Platinum and more.
|3|  Side stones?   
If yes, how many? What about setting options? 
Micro pave, channel set and prong set to name a few.
|4|  What style?     
Vintage, Halo and Solitaire to name a few.
|5|  Ring size?     
Most rings are quite sophisticated and getting the size wrong could mean remaking it. A common problem, this is not the jeweler's fault as sizing oftentimes instigates future problems, like losing stones.

With a Gentoo Proposal, 143 makes it possible to pick out the ring together once you are officially engaged, not before. The 143Diamonds Gentoo Proposal is named after the Gentoo Penguin tradition: Penguin males present a pebble to their partner and after have been known to mate for life. Worried it might be a little weird proposing with a loose diamond stone like a penguin? We thought it might be too. That's why every diamond in the Gentoo Diamond line comes with a ring that is free with purchase and guaranteed to fit all ring sizes.

The placeholder ring is free and disposable. It is great to keep as a memento or to pass along to a friend or family member. 143 partnered with a company called Forever Fit, which has a patented ring that automatically sizes itself up to 3.5 sizes. If you have held your lovers hand, you will be able to help us get within three sizes of your partners finger, we promise. As for metal color, quality and ring design and style, let the person wearing the ring be apart of the decision!

We want to help you place your Gentoo Diamond in the perfect engagement ring setting. Offered Nationwide, we will help you to set up an appointment with an approved jeweler in your area who will be happy to pull the center stone out and place it into a ring from the inventory. We only choose jewelers who we have examined with having proper references and have personally spoken with. It is important you have a local jeweler for a couple of reasons:
|1| Jewelry worth thousands of dollars is worth speaking about face to face.
|2| You want someone close by whom you can trust.
|3| It is hard to develop a relationship with an online company that deals with thousands of returns and repairs.
|4| A local jeweler’s top priority is based on keeping his local community happy with the services and jewelry they provide. 

Propose with a Gentoo Diamond for a fraction of the cost of a mined diamond, and splurge on the dream ring as a couple. 

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“Being a Jeweler has many perks, but to help someone choose jewelry specifically for a proposal is what most heavily influenced the launch of 143Diamonds.” - Founder, Alex Mootz
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