Solitaire Pendant — 143
Solitaire Pendant
Solitaire Pendant

Solitaire Pendant


We didn’t have to change much for this timeless design, but we couldn’t help ourselves. This pendant showcases the newest style of pendant mounting that always sits centered and showcases your diamond from all angles. *Warning: Our diamond sparkle may impair the vision of those staring*

Diamond Quality: We don’t like selling anything we wouldn’t wear, so to be sure you know you're getting the best, all of our diamonds are Ideal Makes (meaning the cut, symmetry, and polish are Ideal for the sparkle you're looking for).

Product Info:

All Essential Pendants are set with lab-grown diamonds. They are hand picked by our founder with extreme detail.  Compare to a mined diamond of the same size and quality and save 30-40%

14K White Gold necklace featuring a variety of diamond sizes to match any budget

All Diamond Purchases Come With Your Choice of White, Yellow, Or Rose Gold Solitaire Ring.