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About Gentoo Proposals

About Gentoo Proposals

With Gentoo, you don’t have to worry about picking the right finger size, gold color, side stones, no side stones, nothing! We make the most romantic question you will ever ask exactly the way it was supposed to be, a romantic surprise.

When a penguin finds a mate, they search all along the shore for the perfect to prove the love is pure, and if his mate accepts their stone, then true love will endure.

Now let’s take a look at this from the human’s perspective:

We’re not saying we all want to be prince charming on a white horse, but this is the most important decision in our lives too, and damn it all if we don’t want to show her a good time.

Between her Pinterest, Instagram and online shopping the reality of you picking the perfect ring for her, without tripping any of the alarm triggers is slim to none – unless you’re trained in covert operations. 25% of women today say they would say ’no’ if she didn’t like the ring. Well. Shit.

So there’s all this pressure if her Grandma makes one more backhanded comment about how she won’t live to see her favorite granddaughter’s wedding... All of her friends are getting engaged and you just spent an hour car ride listening to a tirade about how Katie’s fiance cheaped out on the ring. Solution – lowest barrier to success:

“Hey you want to look at rings?”

POP the champagne, you’re engaged. Because really, why would you shop for an engagement ring you weren’t going to accept?

This. Is. The. Pits.

If you’re the one who thinks ‘This is bull sh%*$.’ If you’re thinking that you don’t want to be outdone by a flightless bird. If you’re so desperately in love with her that you’d move mountains, lift cars and jump off cliffs – then there’s a better way.

Turnkey – no fuss no muss strategy to proposal success.

Buy your Gentoo Diamond

Receive your diamond placed in an adjustable ‘Proposal Ring,’ and Ring Stash box in the mail

With the purchase of your Gentoo Diamond, you’ll receive a classic Tiffany ‘Proposal Ring.’ This ring adjusts its size up to 3.5 sizes to allow you to surprise her without rummaging through her jewelry. We can help you get that close if you cant figure it out, click here for ideas and secret strategies that have worked for our customers!

Ring Stash Box and other goodies- Bulge begone. Ring Stash is the thinnest proposal box in the industry. This box fits in any pocket.

Make your proposal plans! 

Take her to your trusted local jeweler to design her unique, custom ring.Next Step is after they say yes we find a great family-owned jewelry store in your area for you to go as a couple and pick out the perfect ring together.

We truly have put a lot of effort into thinking of all the issues and troubles of the proposal today (some of which you can’t know until it’s too late), and how the rules and techniques have never changed. Well, they should, as proposals have turned into a shopping experience where you are spending too much money, and the one doing the proposing doesn’t get a chance to present their pebble to the person they love as a romantic gesture, until now.

Have more questions? Please check out our frequently asked questions that we feel address every question you could possible have. If you still don’t have an answer then send us an email at info@143diamonds.com .

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