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Gentoo Diamond Proposals - Final

Over 60% of couples shop for the ring together now. But many still want a surprise proposal. How can you have both? At Gentoo Proposals, it's easy. Read our three step process to find out how.

Step 1 - Find Your Perfect Diamond

First time here? Watch the video and keep reading. If you already know the deal, click here to start shopping our diamonds.

When you shop for the engagement ring, you'll be buying the diamond and ring separately, then putting them together. That means you can get the perfect diamond for your proposal and let her shop for the perfect ring too.

We have an incredible selection of ethically sourced sustainable diamonds for you to choose from. Visit our Diamonds page to browse our selection and get in touch with us to get your perfect diamond.

How are you going to present the diamond when you propose? Don't worry, we explain that a little later, so keep reading.

Step 2 - Plan Your Surprise Proposal

You've got the perfect diamond, so what's next? You need a way to propose. We've got that covered too, and it's free.

Whether you know their size or not, we have a solution for both, and they're both free! That's right, you only pay for the diamond, and the proposal ring is on us. Keep reading.

1. If you DO NOT know the size, we give you a free solitaire that's auto-adjustable up to 3 sizes!

2. If you DO know the size, we can give you a choice of yellow, white, or rose gold ring to propose with for free!

Step 3 - Shop for The Ring together at a Pre-Vetted Local Jeweler

It's time to pick out the perfect ring. We partner with a jeweler in your area, meaning we check credentials so you don't have to. You'll always have someone close to work with if your ring ever needs service like cleaning or adjustment. Already have a jeweler or a ring in mind? No problem! We’ll still sell you the best priced diamond online.

Even if you're buying your diamond online, you still want to work with a local jeweler you can trust to get the ring. Why? Rings need care and service throughout their life. You don't want to be shipping your ring to an online retailer or a store across the country to get that done. You want someone close by that you know. We pre-vet all our local partners, and make sure they have:

1. A large selection of engagement rings
2. The ability to custom design a ring
3. Onsite goldsmiths ensuring that your engagement ring isn’t being shipped through the mail

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