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Gentoo FAQ

Gentoo FAQ

Q- Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Check out our blog here to learn. But yes they are exactly the same, we just didn’t have to ruin a village in some distant country to get them.

Q- Why don’t you just sell engagement rings?

Trust us, we would make a lot more money if we did. We don’t though for a couple of reasons.

1.) check out our blog on the importance of having a relationship with a local jeweler you can touch, feel, and knows you by name. Trust me those big online, or corporate chain stores forget about you the moment you walk out the door.

 2.) We truly believe that the person you want to propose to should have the chance to try on and truly feel what the ring they will be wearing feels, and looks like on their finger, skin tone, etc. Trust me I have had plenty of bride to be’s change their design outlook once they have tried it on. Give them that opportunity. They will love you for it, and you get to be apart of it too. But remember your moment was the surprise proposal.

Q- What makes you different from other online jewelry companies?

We don’t mass produce anything. Our jewelry designs are all one of a kinds and are only made 143 times (like what we did there), and are set with diamonds that were specifically grown for that piece and are labeled in the order our goldsmith made them 1-143.

We don’t ride the fence when it come to ethical jewelry. Most online retailers sell mined and grown diamonds. Or they sell some tricky word that sounds like a diamond but in actuality is nothing like or gets you the qualities that a diamond brings to the table.

Everyone of our diamonds that are on our site, we own, outright. You will not find any of our diamonds on any other site. Most of these big ecommerce companies don’t even own the diamonds there selling and if you go to other sites you can find the same ones. We personally view and validate that the diamonds we sell are exactly what the certificates says it is. How can you know if your selling your customers a great product if you have never and will never see it?

We don’t sell engagement rings. Just like anything else you are going to wear we feel you should try it on and make a decision for yourself. We also don’t want to mass produce anything, as these big ecommerce companies do. It takes away the artistry of jewelry, we like to match people up with an awesome custom capable jeweler that helps support local economies and develops a relationship with their customers.

We could go on for days…… We are trying to change how people feel about jewelry and the industries behind. We are different from them and we think that’s pretty cool. Try us out and you will find out why.

Q.- Are you truly the best price?

A- I am sure that there are diamonds you can find on the web that are used, or come from some far away land that would be less expensive, but when it comes to actual companies, with a return policy, and are sourcing there products ethically and responsibly. Yes we are. If we aren’t let us know where you saw it and we will either lower our price to match or explain why that diamond you are seeing is priced the way it is. (There are a lot of variables that affect the price and rarity of a diamond)

Q- How does Gentoo Diamond Proposals save me money?

Gentoo diamonds are grown diamonds, this allows us to cut all of the extra costs that usually plaugue the mined diamond industry. Which we in turn pass the savings to you! The ring is free so there is no extra costs there. And after we do an analysis on your market we will match you with the best jeweler in that area that we have screened and talked to. Not always, but sometimes we even get the jeweler to throw in their setting fee if you purchase from them. Setting fee- a fee charged to customers to have a diamond set into the ring of their choice. Yes, almost every jeweler charges for this. #eyeroll

Q- How do I figure our their size?

Well we only need to get close, like 3.5 sizes close, which is a HUGE range when speaking in ring sizes. Click here to find some tricky ways to get within 3.5 sizes. (Create Page with hacks on how to get a persons finger size.)

Q- What if they say no?

Well shoot. At least you know where you stand. As far as your purchase from us, we have a 30 day refund policy no questions asked. Click here to read.

Q- What happens after they say yes?

Well like we said earlier having a local jeweler that truly wants to serve their community they live in is very very important check out why here or click the question above. After they have said yes you will need to send an email to We will be in touch right away with a list of qualified jewelers that we feel would be a great match.

Q- How do you choose the jewelers to work with?

Our founder came from working on the sales floor of a great independent jeweler. It was there that he learned the true meaning and importance of a local jeweler. We choose them based on a set of categories and by speaking with them directly. We want them to have a great warranty (most people don’t realize how important that is). We want them to have goldsmiths on staff to ensure your ring that you choose will be cared for on site and won’t be mailed to some plant where the goldsmith has no idea who the customer is. We read all of their reviews and we read what their community impact is. We want to send you someone we would refer a family member to, in order to do that we need to trust them.

Q- How long should I wait before buying a ring for my Gentoo Diamond?

A- We have never experienced someone waiting very long, as most people are pretty excited. This is supposed to be temporary and kept as a momento. That being said, most people go shopping within the first few months, with almost all of them shopping within the first couple of weeks. Like I said you and the bride/groom to be will be excited.

Q- What if my diamond gets lost or stolen?

No jeweler’s warranty will cover theft or lost items. That is where we recommend using an insurance company. Jewelers mutual is the one we refer to our family and friends. Jewelry is all they do, so they have made if pretty simple and cost effective to have your diamond insured and offer service centers all over the country.

Q- How do I plan the perfect proposal?

Well we can help with that, shoot an email to and we will talk it out with what we have seen work and not work. We also want to make sure to get it on tape, so you can be apart of the ever growing #penguinlove campaign we will be launching. Featuring some of the most unique and awesome proposals that have used our system. When it comes down to it though, you know they love you and you know what they love just do what feels right, you got this!