OLD_Lab Grown Manmade-Created Diamond Jewelry | 143Diamonds

OLD_Lab Grown Manmade-Created Diamond Jewelry | 143Diamonds

If your shopping for a Diamond and found us, then you are looking at alternatives to the old school mined Diamonds, without sacrificing all the unbelievable qualities that only Diamonds have. This can be a confusing topic. Click Here to here me explain more about the processes for these Diamonds.

What really impresses me about Grown Diamonds that I feel nobody pays attention to, are the two benefit they are bringing to consumers.

1.)They are usually 30-40% less expensive then their mined counterparts. 

2.) The largest Diamond trading platform agrees that they will fill the void left by Mined Diamonds. Read about that here.

What everyone is starting to become aware of is that, there is not some endless supply of Diamonds we have access to. This is the reason why when you walk into a Jewelry store, they just don't seem to have what your looking for. This is a huge advantage for Lab Grown Diamonds, they are exactly the same, but don't have to worry about the following:

1.) Multiple

There are many companies that claim that their products are REAL Diamonds. When in actuality its simply not true. Lab Grown Diamonds, Man made Diamonds, and Created Diamonds are all real Diamonds, the only difference is where they're grown- in the ground or in a Lab. If while you are shopping you see Diamonds that are priced almost to good to be true, well that's because it is. What some of them do is "Coat"  Cubic Zirconia (CZ), or another synthetic material with a very thin layer of actual Diamond. This is the reason they have Diamonds, as I'm sure you have seen, for $100.00. This is obviously misleading and damaging to companies like ours that truly want to offer environmentally safe Diamonds. Don't worry, 143Diamonds only deals with REAL Diamonds, and these other companies will get figured out soon enough (Just read the reviews or Product descriptions). Until then 143Diamonds will continue to educate and offer superior Diamonds at a much more affordable price then their mined counterparts.