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Ring Stash

Bulge Be-gone. Whether it’s the papparzi in Jon Hamm’s face or your proposal day pocket bulges are not a good look. Engagement ring shaped pocket bulge during a romantic dinner = dead giveaway.

Every Gentoo purchases includes a Ring Stash engagement ring box to avoid the pocket bulge and keep your ring safe.  Ring Stash is a thin engagement ring box that is only 0.5″ thick, durable, and modern. It can easily be hidden in your pocket without your partner ever noticing. It’s the perfect companion to your marriage proposal plan.

About Ring Stash

Ring Stash is the brain child of MIT graduate and engineer Marvin Velazquez.  Marvin is also Co-Owner of The Heart Bandits, a marriage proposal planning company.

In his endeavors helping other men propose marriage, he found that many men had the same problem when it came to logistics of their marriage proposal; they had no practical way to hide their engagement ring. Engagement ring boxes are just way too large to be inconspicuous on their clothing.

Marvin even experienced this problem first-hand during his own engagement because he had to resort to placing his future wife’s engagement ring in his pocket without an engagement ring box. The Tiffany box it came in was just too large to hide.  Having the naked engagement ring in his pocket was hardly ideal either since it caused him to be overly nervous throughout the night worrying that he might lose it or drop it when the actual proposal moment came.

Ring Stash was specifically engineered to provide the solution to this problem that so many people have. It’s a thin engagement ring box that can be easily hidden while at the same time being durable enough to protect it.  It is the perfect companion to your marriage proposal plan!